Secure Your First Line of Defence!

Safeguard Data Integrity

In this ever-evolving landscape of data-driven Enterprises, the security of sensitive information and compliance with regulatory obligations are paramount, however simply having Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) compliance measures in place isn’t enough; meticulous analysis, identification, and prompt remediation of compliance violations are the keys to ensuring data integrity, regulatory compliance and control.

Why is RBAC Compliance Analysis Crucial?

Data Security

RBAC compliance in EBS is your first line of defence against unauthorised access to sensitive financial and operational data. Violations can result in data breaches, undermining data security in an environment where data accuracy and privacy are critical.

Compliance Obligations

RBAC compliance is essential for ensuring stringent regulatory obligations concerning financial reporting, internal controls and auditing standards. Identifying and remediating violations is the initial step toward regulatory adherence.

Risk Mitigation

Unauthorised access, particularly in financial systems and applications, presents a heightened risk. RBAC compliance violations can potentially lead to fraudulent activities, data breaches and other malicious actions. Swiftly identifying and remediating these violations significantly mitigates these risks, thereby safeguarding your organisations reputation and integrity.

RBAC Health Checks

Project EIDOS is committed to helping organisations identify, manage and mitigate risk by introducing enhanced access controls and security across Enterprise applications. Together with our partners ERP Risk Advisors we bring the expertise, ERPArmor tool-sets and GRC software together.

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