ERP Risk Controls and Compliance


Security-first, Continuous-compliance

Project EIDOS is committed to helping businesses identify, manage, and mitigate risk by introducing enhanced access controls and security processes for On-Premise and Cloud applications.

We know how difficult it can be to find the right service and tools that align compliance and your specific business needs and we understand the additional challenges you face introducing and explaining processes to IT Security Managers, Business Users and Auditors.

Project EIDOS now offers ERP and HCM security-first, continuous-compliance tool-kits and services to help relieve some of the burden from your internal teams as they make a shift from reactive to proactive monitoring of threats posed by insider risks and cyber security.

ERP and HCM RBAC Analysis, Design and Role Remediation

  • Helps you embed ERP and HCM security and controls
  • Helps you to proactively reduce security risks by introducing procedures, policies, activities, rules, roles, reports and learning
  • Helps you to evaluate, redesign roles and user provisioning processes
  • Helps you to prepare for compliance audits

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